About Us

Hi Website Visitors!

We’re Bob & Alison, just a normal (well, arguably so) couple from Vancouver, BC, Canada. When we met, we had to combine a “high sodium lifestyle” with a sensible, low-sodum lifestyle!

With Bob’s excellent cooking skills and Alison’s appreciation of them, we started The Low Sodium Chef .com as food bloggers with the heartfelt intention of helping others with low-sodium diets and their dining companions!

All the recipes you will find here are DELICIOUS – and we don’t use ANY salt or highly processed ingredients containing extra sodium, so you know you can relax when trying these low sodium recipes for yourself at home.

We are gearing up for what we expect to be a ‘low-sodium revolution’! At the moment, it is easy to fall into what we call ‘sodium booby-traps’ at mom&pop restaurants and even grocery stores where you would expect “fresh” meat products to contain no salt (watch out!).

Our next step is to get the equipment to do a scientific test of the sodium content in all our dishes – so stay tuned for even more information!






Low Sodium Recipes – Easy Everyday Cooking with the Low Sodium Chef